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Welcome to! Let me first start off by introducing myself; my name is Charlie, the owner and CEO of I’ve been doing Search Engine Optimization work with GoogleYahoo, and more recently, Bing for over 8 years. Since the recent Google updates (i.e., Farmer and Panda), I’ve asked myself, “is SEO as we know it dead?“.

Is SEO Dead?

The answer is: Yes! SEO (as we know it) is dead. But don’t let that scare you… if you employ the proper White Hat SEO techniques and focus less on quantity and more about quality and brand building, then this is a major opportunity for your company and brand. The direction SEO is going is clear. It’s heading in the direction of a “magic button” you can press and see instant results, Google is making ranking more difficult by ‘trimming the fat’ so to speak. The results are lots of spammers and people looking for a quick and easy buck are dropping out of the race. This opens the doors for the business owners who are serious about their business; less competition.

What surprises me the most as many ‘SEO experts‘ don’t have the foresight and vision to notice these SEO trends. Many are stuck in the past and don’t have the creativity and passion to think outside the box. The direction is SEO is now evolving into SEM (Search Engine Marketing). The bottom line, if SEO isn’t done correctly, then you are not only wasting your time and money, you are destroying your rankings and tarnishing your brand.

The Bottom Line:

SEO is a science. It takes experience and expertise… not just anyone can do it. I have a formula in place the works. I’ve been doing it for over a year and I don’t just stick with it. I tweak it and re-think new ways and methods as Google (and other major search engines) evolve.

Things I Do:

  • Evaluate your website; not only on-site SEO, but to make sure it is user friendly
  • Check your website speed; slow loading causes bad user experience and search engines frown on slow sites
  • Check for over-optimization; did you already damage your rank?
  • Brand building; Google wants you to build a brand, not backlinks with no substance
  • Link building; not spam link building, but quality niche link building!
  • Content writing. Ever hear the expression ‘content is king!‘. It’s true
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Viral Marketing

Basically I summarized a few things what I specialize in. Every brand is different and it is important to build a specific campaign that works for you and your company. If you are interested in learning more, please email me at – Looking forward to hearing from you!

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